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*Now Available - US Patriot Act Search*

The US Patriot Act Search can:

  • Discover high-level criminal activity
  •  Detect fraud
  • Assess risk 


  •  Prevent OFAC penalties
  • Conduct compliance review

The US Patriot Act Search Sources include:


  •  Bank of England Sanctions
  •  Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  •  Defense Trade Controls Debarred Parties
  •  European Union Designated Terrorist Groups
  •  European Union Designated Terrorist Individuals
  •  FBI Fugitives 10 Most Wanted
  •  Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Special Alert List
  •  Foreign Agents Registration Act
  •  Interpol Most Wanted
  •  Interpol Most Wanted - Red Notice
  •  OFAC - Palestinian Legislative Council
  •  OFAC NON-SDN Entities
  •  OFAC Sanctioned Countries


  •    OSFI - Canada Entities
  •    OSFI - Canada Individuals
  •    OSFI Consolidated List
  •    Office of Foreign Asset Control
  •    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Alerts
  •    Politically Exposed Persons
  •    State Department Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  •    State Department Terrorist Exclusions
  •    US Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Entity List
  •    US Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Person List
  •    US Bureau of Industry and Security Unverified Entity List
  •    United Nations Named Terrorists
  •    World Bank Ineligible Firms

Add the US Patriot Act Search to a Nationwide Background Check Investigation for only $10. 

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