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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Nationwide Criminal Records Check Investigation and the NC Criminal Records Check?

Every Nationwide Criminal Records Check Investigation includes the following: A Personal Overview of the individual, Possible Phone Numbers, Possible Emails, Address History, Possible Social Media Sites, Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search and a Nationwide Criminal History. You may also add any or all of the following items to a Nationwide Background Check Investigation: Nationwide Traffic Records, Federal Criminal Records, Bankruptcies/Liens/Judgements, Eviction Records, Office of the Inspector General - List of Excluded Individuals and Entities and a U.S. Patriot Act Search. An example of a Nationwide Criminal Records Check can be seen here

An NC Criminal Records Check contains the following: A Personal Overview of the individual, Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search and NC Criminal Records. You may add NC Traffic Records and Federal Criminal Records. 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC is an authorized provider of official NC criminal records. An example of an NC Criminal Records Check can been seen here

What Criminal Records are included?

Every jurisdiction reports criminal offenses differently. At 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC, we use multiple resources for every background check in order to find every reported criminal offense nationwide. In some cases, offenses can be found that are more than 30 years old. Some jurisdictions only report the past 7 years. There are some jurisdictions that do not report criminal offenses. Every state reports registered sex offenders.

Are Traffic Records included?

Traffic Records are an optional add-on to either the Nationwide Criminal Records Check or the NC Criminal Records Check. DWI (or DUI), Hit and Run and Fleeing to Elude are considered criminal offenses and will be included. Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License will be listed with Traffic Records.   

I ran a Background Check with another company and it showed NC case numbers. Under offenses, it just says, "Not Specified." Will your report show what the actual offenses are?

Yes. 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC has direct access to The NC Administrative Office of the Courts system. Our reports will show what the charges were as well as the disposition of the charges. 

Will the person that I run a Criminal Records Check investigation on be notified?

360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC does not notify the subject of the Criminal Records Check that they are being investigated nor do any of the resources that we use. That said, if you are an employer, a landlord, church , or other similar organization that is screening employees or volunteers, you must comply with federal law that protects volunteers and employees from discrimination (see this document from the EEOC and the FTC.) This means that you must receive the person's permission to run a Criminal Records Check. We will provide you with a digital release form for the employee, tenant or volunteer to complete so that you are in compliance.

How long does a Criminal Records Check Investigation take?

We strive to get your Criminal Records Check Report to you as soon as possible. We process all requests in the order received. Depending on the time of day that the request is submitted, you will normally receive your report the same day or the following business day.

How often should I run a Criminal Records Check on employees, clients, or team members?

We recommend running a Criminal Records Check on all staff, tenants and/or volunteers every two years.

Questions? Use our contact page, email or call us at 704-360-0360.