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360 Investigations & Backgrounds Post-Paid Terms and Conditions

Updated January 2024

The following Terms and Conditions apply to businesses, organizations or individuals that have an account with 360 Investigations and Backgrounds, LLC and pay for services by invoice after the service is provided.

You must be at least 18 years old to submit a request for services. 


All Background Check Investigation orders must be on individuals that are at least 18 years old. 



By placing a Background Check Investigation order through 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC you understand that there are situations where some criminal records may not be available. These situations include, but are not limited to:


    1.  Records that are sealed by court order. All juvenile records are sealed and there are other cases where a judge can order a record sealed for     various reasons. In most jurisdictions, an individual is considered a juvenile until they reach the age of 18.

    2.  360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC uses multiple resources searching through available digital records nationwide. If a record is available     digitally, chances are that we will find it. However, there are still some jurisdictions that do not report offenses digitally. If a jurisdiction does not     report the offense digitally, it will not be found or included in our report. Some jurisdictions do not report criminal offenses or will only report     felony offenses or offenses that have a Department of Corrections Record.

    3.  Sometimes, following a conviction (especially a first-time offender), a dismissal, or a not-guilty verdict, a person may be able to have their record     expunged. Other times, a person may receive a pardon from a state governor or from the President of the United States. Expunged and pardoned     cases are removed from a person’s record and are not available.  


Sex Offender Registrations

All states and Washington, DC require that certain convicted sex offenders register in the state in which they are residing. All states report that information digitally and our investigations include searches of those databases. If a person is a registered sex offender, that information will be included in the report that you receive. 


Good Faith Effort

360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC provides a service of identifying criminal records on an individual. We are not responsible for what these records are used for and do not provide advice on how to use these records. We make no claim that the provided records are accurate or correct, only that the provided records were accurately copied from trusted sources. 


You understand that 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC is making a good faith effort to find all available criminal records and agree to hold 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC harmless for records not located or unavailable as long as good faith efforts were made. At no time will 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC’s liability exceed the cost paid for the individual Background Check Investigation.




360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC will provide a digital release form for your organization. You will have a link to the form that you provide to individuals that need a Background Check Investigation. The individual will complete the form giving permission for the investigation to take place. The form will be securely transmitted to 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC initiating the process.


You may choose to use your own process to obtain consent from your employees, volunteers or other people that you need Background Check Investigations on. If you choose to use a different process you must be able to either request the Background Check Investigation from us by email or fill out the provided form yourself. 


Completed reports will be emailed to your company representative. Turnaround time is typically the same day or the following business day depending on the time of day the request is submitted and the volume of requests we have received at the time.


Occasionally, 360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC may close for about a week for vacation.  If and/or when this happens, you will be notified by email ahead of time and given the opportunity to submit any requests you may have to be completed prior to our vacation. Requests can still be submitted normally while we are closed and will be completed in the order received when we reopen. Every effort will be made on our part to be caught back up to normal processing times as quickly as possible.


EEOC and FTC Compliance

You agree to use all Background Check Investigation Reports in accordance with EEOC and FTC guidelines requiring that you do not discriminate against individuals. Those guidelines can be found here



360 Investigations & Backgrounds, LLC invoices customers monthly. You will receive a detailed digital invoice by email on the 1st of the month for all Background Check Investigation Reports that were completed during the prior month. 


Payment is due on the 16th of each month. You may pay by check, Zelle, credit card, bank draft or PayPal. 


A returned check will result in $25 processing fee plus bank fees. ​

We reserve the right to stop processing Background Check Investigations on accounts that are past due until payment has been made.


Accounts that are 30 days past due may incur a late fee of $15 or 5% of the total invoice, whichever is greater.